50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas for Teens

Finding the ideal date can be challenging, particularly when the budget is tight. There are many cheap date ideas for teens if you’re ready to look outside the box. Whether it’s summer or winter, your town probably has a ton of free or cheap events you can enjoy with your significant other. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, there are plenty of things you can do at home as well.

One of the best ideas for a good time is making s’mores while binge-watching that new Netflix show everyone is raving about, and your crush would agree too. Choose your next date set-up from this list of date ideas for teens if you need a little assistance preparing the ideal get-together and don’t want to break the bank doing it.

50 Best Date Ideas for Teens

1. Plan an Ice Cream Date

Desserts are always a good idea. Go out and buy some ice cream together. Compared to going on a dinner date, it’s much less expensive but equally satisfying.

2. Try a Youtube DIY

Find an activity on YouTube that both of you enjoy and can use to practice your arts and crafts skills with each other. It can be a step-by-step painting tutorial or a tutorial on how to make a key chain.

3. Go to a Food Festival

Food festivals are always a great idea. Plan your next perfect date after checking out if there are any local food events. A lot of small budget-friendly joints are available all year long that you can enjoy with your date. 

4. Play a Sport

A teen couple playing basketball for a date

Go outdoors and plan a two-player game. One-on-one basketball, volleyball, or frisbee are a few sports that could be interesting.

5. Make S’mores

Make some chocolate treats over a stove or beside a fire to add to a pleasant evening. Don’t be concerned if you’re short on money because the ingredient list is rather basic.

6. Go Fruit-picking

Fruit-picking is enjoyable and makes for the ideal setting for adorable selfies. Additionally, you get a good reason to get together again and make something with all the fruits collected.

7. Go See a Play

It’s not necessary to travel to Broadway to experience live action. Simply purchase some tickets for a nearby production. You should not worry about being broke because they are often inexpensive.

8. Karaoke Night

If you don’t mind making a fool of yourself, make a playlist of the songs you and your partner enjoy and set up a microphone. You can also invite some of your other friends to make it a group date night.

9. Play in the Snow

A teen couple playing in the snow for date night

Everyone enjoys a snow day, right? Get dressed up and head outside for some fun times in the snow! Play with snowballs or go sledding to make the winters fun and memorable.

10. Go Ice Skating

A teen couple ice-skating for a date

Check to see whether your town has a seasonal ice skating rink. They normally allow you to skate for free after renting skates for a reasonable price. Additionally, tighten your hold on your bae if you’re afraid of falling! *wink*

11. Make a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule to capture the current moment of your relationship! When you are creating it, it will be a lot of fun to look through photographs and memories; when you open it up later, it will be much more enjoyable!

12. Go Bowling

Bowling is a traditional date activity for a reason, despite how corny it sounds. You may display your competitive side, it’s not too pricey, and you can have some fries and chicken fingers once you win. Yum!

13. Go Fishing

Go fishing in a nearby river, getting down and dirty. Moreover, if you’re feeling very adventurous, you may try cooking your catch for dinner too.

14. Have a Two Person Bookclub

Do both of you enjoy reading? Read the same book, then meet up and talk about it. Make a perfect date out of it by gathering some snacks and meeting in a coffee shop or a park! Reading a book while spending time with your loved one is so much more enjoyable!

15. Go Canoeing

Indeed, paddling a canoe on the water is quite soothing. Also, you’ll get to know your bae better while enjoying the wilderness.

16. Go Thrifting

Enjoy some fun vintage clothing shopping at excellent prices with your date! Visit a local fair or look around the thrift store in your area. A wonderful day is guaranteed for you.

17. Paint Together

Grab some paints and have fun! You will have so much fun painting together even if you or your partner are not artists.

18. Go to an Animal Shelter

Play for free with cute animals or puppies! Have you ever heard of a finer date, for real?

19. Do a Puzzle

Even though it sounds corny, puzzles are a lot of fun and a terrific way to engage with others. Working your way through solving the puzzle, you get the time to know one another better.

20. Go to a Museum

Visit your local museum to learn about the regional culture. Many museums only want a little donation as payment, while others may admit students for free.

21. Go to an Arcade

Enjoy some time together at the arcade! Play foosball and video games all night.

22. Have an at-home Spa Day

Grab some cucumbers and your preferred face mask, then unwind with your special someone. Nothing cements a relationship like some face mask selfies.

23. Go to the Carnival

Enjoy yourself at the fair with your date! Take a ride on the Ferris wheel or share a funnel cake. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a kiss at the summit!

24. Go for Mini Golf

Another clichéd one, but playing mini gold with your date on a nice evening sounds so much fun.

25. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt

A teen couple on a date making memories

Chalk out possibilities for photo subjects like taking a picture of an object that inspires you or a picture of an animal, a picture of a color you love, or a picture of some food that you both enjoy. Set out with your date to take as many photos as you can. Sit down at a cafe after the date and look over your photographs.

26. Seed Bomb a Special Spot

Do you both enjoy the outdoors? So go ahead and seed bomb your specific area of the ground. Just pick up some seeds at your neighborhood hardware or plant store. Next, choose a precise area to sow some seeds (perhaps along a hike you’ve taken). The seedlings can then be checked on at a later time to see how they’re doing.

27. Grab Some Bubble Tea

It’s a cute and delicious twist to your usual coffee dates. 

28. Skateboard

You won’t get bored if your partner has a skateboard, rollerblades, or perhaps a pogo stick sitting around. It doesn’t matter if you’ve skated before; half the fun might come from learning from one another.

29. Volunteer

You can impress your date with your sweet side while also doing good.

30. Go for a Bike Ride

A teen couple riding a bicycle together for a date

Jumping on a used bike that has been sitting in your garage for ages is completely free. Find a picturesque bike trail for a beautiful view or cycle about the town.

31. Go to a Coffee Shop

A teen couple out on a date at a coffee shop

Even the priciest coffee date will only cost you and your date $10. Catch up with your date by selecting a cute coffee shop, unwind with laid-back music, and delicious frappes.

32. Have a Picnic

Pick a beautiful spot and organize a picnic! Go to a park or the beach with some salad and sandwiches in hand. It is affordable and romantic.

33. Have a Game Night

A teen couple out on a date enjoying playing games

Play a fun card game at home or get the old-school board games like Monopoly and Scrabble out. A little friendly rivalry is a great way to get things going!

34. Binge a Show on Netflix

A teen couple binging a show on Netflix

On Netflix, there are SO MANY GOOD programs. Prepare for a lengthy TV marathon with your significant other by getting comfortable on the couch.

35. Cook Together

Spend less money by staying in and preparing a delicious dinner together rather than going out to eat. You’ll have a great time working on a recipe together even if neither of you is particularly skilled in the kitchen.

36. Hit Up the Mall

There are undoubtedly many places to spend money, but there are also a ton of free fun activities available at the mall. Take a stroll around and look at the cool store booths and displays, stop by the food court for a cheap bite and look at some of the entertaining games and activities happening outside the stores.

37. Go on a Hike

Take a hike outside! As there are many outdoor activities available at low prices.

38. Go Swimming

Visit a nearby pool or the beach if it’s warm enough. Splashing around in the water park is a good excuse to be close to your crush, and the setting may get romantic too.

39. Stargaze

Go somewhere peaceful on a clear night and take some time to simply observe the stars. Alternatively, visit a stunning outdoor location to see the sunset. As corny as it may sound, there is nothing more romantic than having time to talk and cuddle with your partner.

40. Do Yoga

It may sound a little silly, but doing yoga with a partner may get rather warm. Additionally, it can be fun to watch each other attempt to perfect the various stances as a way to unwind.

41. Have a Photoshoot

Who wouldn’t want more adorable Instagram photos of you and your bae? Ask a common friend to meet you two at a charming local location (like a park or a wall covered in street art), or just shoot some amazing selfies!

42. Go for a Run

This is an ideal plan if you two enjoy running or are participating in a race. Take it slow and maintain a conversational speed throughout the run, but don’t be afraid to add some fun competition.

43. Attend a Concert

Get seats for a smaller performance or purchase tickets to a performer you and your partner both enjoy. Maybe you and your girlfriend may fall in love with a new band or musician.

44. Head to a Bookstore

Just being in a bookshop perusing the aisles could be very soothing. Browse the bookcases and choose titles you believe the other person will enjoy.

45. Act Touristy in Your Town

Spend the entire day exploring your town or city’s hotspots. Even though you may have been to these locations many times already, why not create new experiences with someone special?

46. Peruse an Indoor Market

If there is a large indoor market close by, go there. These frequently offer some live entertainment along with a large number of vendors selling food and local merchandise.

47. Get a Psychic Reading

Forget about going to the movies, dinner, or bowling; try something a little different. A fascinating approach to learning about your destiny is to have a tarot card or palm reading done.

48. Write Short Stories

Let your imaginations soar as you each write a short story, then share it with your common friends’ group. It would be even better if you created one based on your love story.

49. See the Sunrise

Yes, getting out of bed for this one can be challenging. However, spending time with a loved one as the day begins is a pretty unrivaled experience.

50. Tie-Dye Together

A teen couple making tie dye together on date night

Create some amusing outfits! You can get started by purchasing a dye kit, t-shirts, socks, sweatpants, or whatever else you choose.


A teenage couple may not have a ton of money to spend on dates, but they may still arrange an activity that will be cherished in their memories for years to come. When planning fun date ideas for teens, keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts, not the cost of the experience. All you need to do is give it some thought; there are plenty of possibilities for a budget-friendly date.

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