Capricorn Weekly Horoscope, November 21 to November 27, 2022

Positive: Your faith in yourself will carry you further than your strength could ever do on its own. 

Finance: You may splurge as much as you want with your money this week since it’s all yours. You might want to investigate the possibility of investing in the stock market, but you should never, ever speculate with your money.

Love: If you want to communicate how you feel about someone after Wednesday, you should hold off on using these expressions because the odds of success aren’t in your favour. Some of you may find that love creates conflict between you and your co-workers at work. 

Business: A concern or worry about your employment will only have a negative impact on your mental health, thus it is important to avoid developing these feelings. Keep your focus and your passion directed toward the accomplishment of your objectives. 

Education: In the area of education, this week offers the recommendation that you devote more energy and attention to your academic pursuits. Maintaining your composure may be easier if you do so, which is especially important if you are unsure of or concerned about your academic ability or achievements. 

Health: If you want to enhance your physical condition and stay in shape, you should try yoga or take medicines that are designed to assist people to stay fit.

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