From Leo to Cancer: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Take Years to Get over a Breakup

Everyone experiences the breakup of a relationship differently. After a breakup, it’s common for people to feel depressed, angry, or let down. Right from infidelity to emotional baggage or a personal crisis; there are numerous reasons why relationships end. Often, things do not mutually end. Things may simply fail to work out for one person leaving them heartbroken. You might not be aware of it, but your zodiac sign may have an effect on how long you take to get over a breakup.

1.   Aquarius

In the air sign Aquarius’ mind, they are devoted to their lover. So, this sign has a hard time moving past the heartbreak when they get dumped, as they grow extremely attached to the person they’re courting because of their sensitive nature. When the time comes to break up, they can’t do it discreetly and will usually make a public scene.

2.   Taurus

Taurus is a fixed sign, and dislikes the transition from being a part of a couple to singlehood. Hence, they frequently stay in relationships for an excessive amount of time and will fight to the death to maintain a romance. They take a very long time to forget about their ex and an even longer time to move on after a breakup.

3.   Leo

For this fiery sign, their crush is the center of their existence from the start. So, Leo devotes their full heart and soul to their relationship. Moving on could need more than some alone time and introspection for Leo because of their propensity to become invested in their relationships. When someone breaks up with them, they cannot start another relationship easily, for they need many moons of solitude to move on.

4.   Aries

When an Aries really commits to their love, the relationship takes on a life of its own. Aries may harbor bitterness and become immobile if they feel cheated on. To move on in a healthy way, Aries must express their frustration to a reliable confidante; otherwise, their resentment will turn negative and linger for years together.

When the time comes to part ways in any relationship, these signs may find that it is really difficult for them to let go. They usually mourn the loss of their love for years together, which makes them emotionally unavailable for a new romance.


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