From Virgo to Leo: 5 Zodiac signs who are terrified of being friend zoned

If you have feelings for someone yet are only friends with them, you are officially in the friendzone. However, certain zodiac signs are afraid of circumstances in which they could want to develop a romantic relationship with a friend but find that their companion is not interested and would rather keep things amicable and casual. Because they constantly fear it rather than accepting that the person they like isn’t interested in a relationship; these zodiac signs are more likely to experience disappointment in such a situation. Check out these 5 zodiac signs who are constantly afraid of being rejected as lovers by their friends.

1. Leo

Leos tend to fall in love  readily, which is why they are most prone to lose friends  quickly as well when their advances aren’t reciprocated. Leos tend to be sensitive with a strong feeling of self-worth, so when their emotions are rejected, their denial can easily turn inward. Leo fears being mercilessly friend-zoned if they hurt their intended love interest by making untoward advances.

2. Capricorn

Because Capricorns are flirtatious with everyone, making friends with them may be challenging. This earth sign is outgoing and highly gregarious, but Capricorn might not know when to stop, which could make their partner angry and cause them to lose their friend.

3. Gemini

Gemini’s vivacious and self-assured courting manner can come out as a bit too vulgar for someone who is merely a friend right now. They have a commanding appearance and a demanding demeanour. Yet they fear their own presumptuous nature and hate the idea of giving their companion mixed messages.

Zodiac signs who are terrified of being friend zoned

4. Virgo

Virgos have a propensity to be very hard on themselves and the people closest to them. They are able to see each person’s potential and hence their ability to get attracted to their friends. A Virgo will unfriend someone for sure if they suspect that they don’t like them back. This is mainly because they prefer to work alone rather than have a pal who friend zoned them.

5. Aquarius

After falling in love with pals, acting out, and acting the victim, Aquarius ends up being friend zoned. The fear of being an outsider might make Aquarians feel a little strange, which has a detrimental impact on their emotional experience. Their propensity to be frigid and harsh rather than accepting of the situation is a great vibe killer for this insecure sign of the zodiac.

The aforementioned zodiac signs frequently find it difficult to advance their professional and personal relationships because they hate the idea of being friend zoned by people they have a crush on.

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