Fun Alert: 55+ Best Trivia Questions for Teens (With Answers)

Learning, indeed, is an excellent way to grasp knowledge. What better way to quench the thirst for curiosity in teenagers than by indulging them in intriguing questions? For such scenarios, trivia questions for teens prove to be highly beneficial. Not only do trivia quizzes make your kids well-versed in diverse topics, but they also enhance their problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, creativity, and socializing. Plus, they make excellent family time!


Below is a list of the top 55 fun trivia questions (and answers) that you can use to your advantage to indulge your teens in an engaging session. Bonus tip – include entertaining punishments each time they skip a question or give a wrong answer. Contrastingly, reveal a surprise prize for every correct answer!


Get ready in 3 2 1.


55+ Best Trivia Questions for Teens (With Answers)


From literature, science, sports, history, and space to movies – you can choose any interesting topic to start the trivia games. Let’s get started.


History Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

History Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

1. Question: During which war was Winston Churchill kept confined as a prisoner?

Answer: The Boer War


2. Question: In this 20th Century’s war, US soldiers died for a tie. Name this conflict.

Answer: The Korean War


3. Question: What gained popularity in the 1920s to oppose World War I?

Answer: Jazz and dancing


4. Question: In 1974, Lt. Hiroo Onoda’s commanding officer ordered him to stop fighting a war. Name the war in question.

Answer: World War II


5. Question: Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?

Answer: Corsica, France


6. Question: Which Filipino was given the nickname of Iron Butterfly?

Answer: Imelda Marcos


7. Question: For how long did the British raj last in India?

Answer: 90 years (from 1857 – 1947)


8. Question: Which country became the first to use postcards?

Answer: Austria


9. Question: Who is the wife of King Henry VIII?

Answer: Catherine of Aragon


10. Question: Which country held an authorized state of emergency from 1933 to 1945?

Answer: Germany


Movie Trivia Questions and Answers for Teenagers

Movie Trivia Questions and Answers for Teenagers

1. Question: In which Disney movie a little girl features five distinctive emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear?

Answer: Inside Out


2. Question: What kind of animal is Abu in the Disney movie Aladdin?

Answer: Abu is a monkey


3. Question: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love which food?

Answer: Pizza.


4. Question: In the movie Ice Age, Sid is which animal?

Answer: Sid is a sloth


5. Question: Charlie Chaplin insured which part of his body?

Answer: Feet


6. Question: Who plays the leading role in the movie Mean Girls?

Answer: Lindsay Lohan


7. Question: In Star Wars, name the first character who spoke.

Answer: C-3PO


8. Question: Which movie won eight Oscar awards in 1954?

Answer: On The Waterfront


9. Question: In the movie The Princess Diaries, what is the full name of Anne Hathaway’s character Mia?

Answer: Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo


10. Question: Which potion gifts good luck in the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Answer: Felix Felicis


Music Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

Music Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

1. Question: Name the singer known as the Greek God of Music.

Answer: Apollo


2. Question: Name the singer known as the King of Pop.

Answer: Michael Jackson


3. Question: Who is the famous artist born in London, known originally as Miss Adkins?

Answer: Adele


4. Question: Which singer wrote the controversial song Bully?

Answer: Eminem


5. Question: In which US state was the popular singer Madonna born?

Answer: Michigan


6. Question: Which song became the first hit by the legendary singer Elvis Presley? Name the year.

Answer: Heartbreak Hotel, in 1956


7. Question: Rapper Notorious BIG was shot and killed in which year?

Answer: 1997


8. Question: In Jamaica, why is February 6 considered a national holiday?

Answer: It is a national holiday because of iconic singer Bob Marley’s birthday.


9. Question: When did the US Grammy awards start?

Answer: In 1959


10. Question: Name a very well-known left-handed guitarist.

Answer: Jimi Hendrix


Sports Trivia Questions and Answers for Teenagers

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers for Teenagers

1. Question: The first modern Olympics were held in which city?

Answer: Athens, Greece


2. Question: Who ran the world’s first marathon?

Answer: Philippides or Pheidippides


3. Question: Novak Djokovic, the Tennis player, belongs to which country?

Answer: Serbia


4. Question: People also know Soccer as?

Answer: Football or Association football


5. Question: How many total players are there in an Ice hockey team?

Answer: 12 players (6 players on each side)


6. Question: Who was announced the MVP (the most valuable player) in NBA 2018 finals?

Answer: Kevin Durant


7. Question: What is the height (in feet) of a basketball hoop?

Answer: 10 feet


8. Question: What is the total number of bases on a baseball field?

Answer: 4 bases


9. Question: How many feathers do you use to make a shuttlecock?

Answer: 16 feathers


10. Question: While playing Golf, what is the maximum time allowed to find a lost ball?

Answer: 5 minutes


Science and Art Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

Science and Art Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

1. Question: Do sharks have bones?

Answer: No, they are made of cartilaginous tissues.


2. Question: Mention the number of hearts that a worm has.

Answer: 5


3. Question: Name a well-known painter who was also an engineer, an architect, and a sculptor.

Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci


4. Question: Name the rarest blood type in the human body.

Answer: AB-


5. Question: Which organism is the first to regrow after a fire?

Answer: Moss


6. Question: Michelangelo has signed only one piece of artwork. Name that artwork.

Answer: The Pieta


7. Question: How many breaths do an average human take in a day?

Answer: 23,000 breaths


8. Question: The painting La Gioconda is popularly known by what name?

Answer: The Mona Lisa


9. Question: Which type of grass is the tallest?

Answer: Bamboo


10. Question: A French art’s name, when translated to English, means rebirth. Name that art period.

Answer: Renaissance


11. Question: Which law of Newton states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”?

Answer: The third law of motion


12. Question: Vincent Van Gogh painted his renowned Starry Night portrait in which location?

Answer: An asylum room in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (looking through the window of his room)


Random Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

Find below a few more fun trivia quizzes relating to food, countries, books, gardening, and other fascinatingly random topics.

Random Trivia Questions and Answers for Teens

1. Question: Who was the creator of the character Pinocchio?

Answer: Carlo Collodi


2. Question: The Graveyard won the Newbery award in 2009. Who was the author of this book?

Answer: Neil Gaiman


3. Question: Which country is the largest landlocked in the world?

Answer: Kazakhstan, Central Asia


4. Question: Name the country that is the oldest republic in the world.

Answer: San Marino


5. Question: Which four official languages are spoken in Singapore?

Answer: English, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay


6. Question: How do you identify the age of a tree?

Answer: By marking the number of rings on its trunk


7. Question: What do you call the small Japanese orange?

Answer: Kumquat


8. Question: Which are the two top-selling spices in the world?

Answer: Pepper and mustard


9. Question: A famous Mexican dish has a name that means “Little Donkey.” Name that food.

Answer: Burrito


10. Question: Ancient Romans dyed their hair using which weird element?

Answer: Bird poop




Teenagers today have leisurely exposure to miscellaneous information to broaden their knowledge. Therefore, indulging in a challenging yet easy game of trivia questions for teens is a perfect way to improve their knowledge while spending (much-needed) quality family time with them. You can double the fun by incorporating this quiz for teens at parties, gatherings, birthdays, or game nights at home.


The only point you need to remember is to learn your children’s interests so that you can merge a few questions to catch their attention. And then, it is merely an enriching session with loads of enjoyment, laughter, wisdom, and core memories!


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