New Amazon Kindle will have a stylus, leak says, and it’ll come very soon

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)

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Our ranking of the best Amazon Kindles is going to get a massive shake-up soon, according to a leaker – there’s an Amazon product launch happening in a few hours, and a leaker says a brand-new family of Kindle is launching at it.

This leaker, called SnoopyTech (opens in new tab), has named the Amazon Kindle Scribe, and has provided some information about this surprise ereader, with imagery included. As with all leaks, take this with a pinch of salt, but the leaker has proven fairly reliable.

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As you can see, this Kindle is said to come with a stylus, which you’d be able to use for note-taking and perhaps drawing and sketching too. Lots of entries in our list of the best ereaders have styli like this, but it’d be Amazon’s first such device.

The leak continues to say that the tablet would have a 10.2-inch screen, which is significantly bigger than other Kindles. The Kindle Oasis, the largest right now, has a 7-inch screen, but an extra 3 inches would be useful for the aforementioned notation.

Apparently, the tablet will also come with 16GB or 32GB of storage – Amazon used to always offer either 8GB or 16GB for its Kindles, but recently, it’s begun adopting 32GB more, likely realizing that more storage is useful for audio books, comic books and magazines.

For the past few years, we haven’t seen a new family of Kindle, and have instead purely seen newer generations in the existing lines: the standard, Paperwhite and Oasis. So the launch of the Scribe is fairly huge news, especially with its big feature.

There’s a lot that the leak doesn’t say about the new Kindle Scribe: details like the price, whether the stylus is included, what the battery life is like and whether there are any new screen features, will hopefully be announced on-stage at the event.

Previous Amazon launches have featured lots of new devices across the company’s many ranges, including Fire, Ring, Echo and more. The event starts very soon, with the kick-off at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST, which is 2am AEST, and we’ve started an Amazon Launch live blog that you can follow for all the latest.

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