Yeh Hai Chahatein, 29th August 2022, Written Update: Armaan fights with Rudra

In today’s episode, Preesha gets a panic attack and pushes Rudra. He gets shocked and she faints. He carries her and worries for her. Armaan comes and pushes him and asks him to move. He asks her what did he do to his Preesha. Rudra asks him to stay away from Preesha and tells that he has already told the truth to her. Armaan tells that he is risking Preesha’s life by telling the truth and carries Preesha on their shoulder. Rudra goes behind him. Armaan and Rudra argue. Armaan makes Preesha lie down and accuses Rudra of trying to kill her. 

Rudra cries and tells that he could never do that and asks Preesha to wake up. Preesha asks Rudra to wake up. She shakes him and he realises that it was his imagination. She asks him why is he crying. He feels relieved knowing that she’s safe. He thinks that he can’t tell the truth to Preesha as her condition might worsen and hence he needs to take proper steps in reviving her memory so he can make sure he doesn’t harm her. He tells that he’s happy that she’s fine. Armaan gets angry seeing them together and asks Rudra why is he close to Preesha and even though he’s aware that she gets panic attacks. 

He holds Rudra’s collar and yells at him. Rudra hits him. Vidyut calms him down and tells him to come back as he’s the chief guest. Preesha stops Armaan. Later, Raj and Pihu get nervous. He hugs her. Vidyut comes and tells that Kanchan is coming. Kanchan gives tea. Raj and Pihu go to give their performance but Raj feels suffocated.

This episode has been watched on OTT platform.

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